Marlin 420

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Marlin 420 characteristics

  • Specifications
  • For waterlovers
  • Master whole seas
  • Eduardoño and Marine Concepts

Marlin 420


- Lenght / L.O.A: 12.75 m - 41.83 ft
- Beam / B.O.A: 3.16 m - 10.37 ft
- Puntal Max. / H.O.A: 2.35 m - 7.7 ft
- Maximum load: 3000 kg - 6600 lb
- Maximum Power / Max. HP: 3 x 350 hp*
- Dry weight: 5400 k
- Transom height: 2 x 25" + 1 x 30"

*Maximum power calculated with Yamaha 4T outboard engines.

Technical chart

Marlin 420

For the waterlovers

Its design combines the excellence in navigation with the versatility offered by its 4 configuration.

Technical chart

Marlin 420

Horse power and design that dominate the seas

Designed to navigate with two or three outboard motors YAMAHA  300 HP or 350 HP, reaching up to  1050 hp. The design of its hull allows it to, with the three motor strength, reach the speed that  similar 4 motor ships reach.

Technical chart

Marlin 420

Designed by Marine Concepts, leader ship design company.

This is the only ship in Colombia designed and built under NCC technology (Numeric control center) which enables it with surfaces that are perfect for an ideal on water performance.

Technical chart

Marlin 420, evolution in the water

Creating boats to dream is in our DNA…Its Carolina type hull, unique in Colombia, allows excellent performance adn a secure and dry navigation in any sea type. 

Live the exprience...

EChoose your Marlin 420 in any of the 4 available configurations and build your boat!

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Configuration #1


A boat built to dominate the ocean.

Designed like no other boat created by Eduardoño, it combines speed, practicality and comfort, creating the perfect boat for expert fishermen.

Marlin 420



Configuration #2


For amateur fishermen

Incomparable offshore performance, ample social spaces and a special distribution for fishing

Marlin 420



Configuration #3


We reinvent fun in the water.

42 ft of good times to create unforgettable memories in a luxury boat.

Marlin 420



Configuration #4


If you´re passionate about speed and long trips in the water, this is the boat for you. A glorious ship. Robust with the waves and comfortable on the inside.

Marlin 420


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