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Patrullero 260

Fluvial ship, designed to perform in inner waters and bays, developed in a modified V shaped hull, which provides low drafting and excellent performance. This ship can transport 20 armed men with  campaign eqquipment, it may also be configured to carry an M60 type weapon at bow, additionally, it may be configured as a heavy river combat boat with 4 M60 type weapons, 2 on each side and 2 0.50, one in bow and one in stern.

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Patrullero 320

Patrolling and maritime interdiction ship, enabled to function in low draft waters such as river and estuaries as well as in high sea operations. 

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Patrullero 380

Patrolling and maritime interdiction ship, enabled to work in low rivers and estuaries, as well as high seas. Efficient modified V shaped hull to face large waves without losing stability nor speed. This ship has shown great results in Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama. It may be eqquiped with shock absorbing chairs to protect the tripulation.

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Patrullero 450

This ship is designed for patrolling and maritime control tasks that last days, due to its type of hull and outboard motors, it may navigate in estuaries, rivers, bays, coastal zones and open seas.

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Interceptor 380

Maritime interdiction ship, ideal for high sea operations with an efficient hull developed in a deep V shaped platform. This ship offers safe and comfortable navigation due to its generous beam and depth. This model may be eqquiped as each client requires.

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